Thank you for visiting TypingHome!

Who I am

My name is Paul Schorey and I teach Computer Applications and US History at Norwell Middle School located in Ossian, Indiana. Perhaps I am a bit odd, but I really love teaching kids how to type. I’m always looking for new theories, methods, and lessons to help my students learn touch typing and I keep meticulous typing data for all my students in an effort to improve every trimester as new students rotate through my class.

When TypingHome Began

Over Christmas break during the 2014-2015 school year I determined that instead of wasting my break binging on Netflix that I would instead learn how to develop websites and web applications so that I could bring life to some of the ideas that have been stirring in my mind. My experience in learning to write code has been very limited up until this point. Over the summer I attempted learning Cocoa and Xcode through checking out a number of books from the public library, but each attempt at learning ended with hitting some major roadblocks and I have given up that endeavor for the moment. I found the learning curve for learning html/css, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP to be much easier in my opinion, and the ability to make simple projects as a novice very rewarding. Using www.codecademy.com has been an invaluable resource for me in learning to code and I would eagerly point any students or adults interested in learning how to develop websites to begin their journey at CodeCademy.

Why TypingHome

TypingHome is a playground for me to create original content that can supplement other Computer Applications resources available for my students. Anyone who has taught students typing knows that there are many challenges that beginner typers face. The largest struggle I observe in students is that many “want” to use the wrong fingers when typing. Some students come to class with bad habits already established, and others I believe sincerely struggle to remember which fingers to use.

I have used many textbook and online resources to help my students and I find that they all are essentially the same in that they start by showing the text either in a pop-up or on a text line, and then typically below or above the text there is a legend showing what finger the kids should use. I personally believe there is a better way to teach young students and new typists to learn that involves making a quicker connection in the brain that can tie the correct finger with the correct key and letter. I see over and over that when students use the wrong finger it is almost 100% of the time that they are using index fingers to type keys that should be pressed by other fingers. The issue with using incorrect fingers is they do not develop consistency which makes learning to touch type nearly impossible. For these reasons (along with many other pedagogical issues I find with many typing resources) I’ve begun creating this site which will begin by connecting motor sensory skills with students’ weakest fingers like the pinkies first, and progress to English morphemes and words as quickly as possible. Currently, only a prototype is available under the practice section of this site, but I will endeavor to increase the functionality and resources as quickly as possible and will be updating the site daily.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions I’d love to hear from you!